Promoting Excellence in Education, Research,
and Patient Care in the Rapidly Evolving
Management of Gastrointestinal Cancer
International Society of
Gastrointestinal Oncology
isgioEstablished 2003


ISGIO Mission Statement
ISGO To establish THE authoritative forum for communicating cutting edge research and practice issues in gastrointestinal oncology.
ISGIO Specifics
ISGO The first global educational organization committed to GI oncology.
ISGO A not-for-profit organization.
ISGO In joint sponsorship with the CME-accredited Institutions to provide CME credit for all society-developed programs and programs organized with sponsors.
ISGO Awards fellows and young investigators scholarships.
ISGIO Objectives
ISGO Facilitate GI cancer research and education globally.
ISGO Promote the timely exchange and dissemination of new GI oncology-related
knowledge and discovery.
ISGO Promote excellence in GI cancer care globally.
ISGO Reduce the societal burden of GI cancers.
ISGO Develop an authoritative forum that builds international and regional consensuses on therapy and research in GI oncology.
ISGO Inspire young investigators to engage in GI oncology research.
ISGIO Initiatives
ISGO Organize GI Conferences in the Orient and South America
ISGO Ongoing CME programs
ISGO Consensus development publications
ISGO Achieve Society membership of more than 1,500
ISGO Multiple disciplines engaged with additional professional diversity anticipated as the Society grows
ISGO International exchanges wherein fellows and junior faculty spend time in other countries to learn how clinical research is done around the world
ISGO Increase the number of mentored publications and recognize good mentors