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2014 Gastrointestinal Oncology Conference Review

2014 Gastrointestinal Oncology Conference
October 23-24, 2014 - Arlington, VA

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Esophageal/Gastric Cancer
A Phase 1b Study of Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) in Patients With Advanced Gastric Cancer
Veena Shankaran, Hyun Cheol Chung, Yung-Jue Bang, Ravit Geva, Daniel V.T. Catenacci, Shilpa Gupta, Joseph P. Eder, Raanan Berger, Edward J. Gonzalez, Jennifer Pulini, Archana Ray, Marisa Dolled-Filhart, Kenneth Emancipator, Kumudu Pathiraja, Xinxin Shu, Minori Koshiji, Jonathan Cheng, Kei Muro
Treatment Response Prediction in a Cohort of Patients Receiving Pre-operative Chemoradiation Treatment (CTRT) for Localized Esophageal Adenocarcinoma
Robert Cook, Ph.D., Weiwei Shan, Ph.D., Natalie Lassen, Clare Johnson, R.N., Kristen Oelschlager, R.N., Derek Maetzold, Sunil Badve, MD, Kenneth Kesler, MD, Romil Saxena, MD
Trousseau Syndrome Unmasking an Asymptomatic Gallbladder Adenocarcinoma
Aman Chauhan, MD, Michael Hall, MD, Yi-Zarn Wang
Multimodality Therapy and Overall Survival in Esophageal Cancer: A Single Center Experience
Rawan Ali Hariri, Mohamed E. El Sayed, Syed Mustafa Karim, Hossam Abdel Rahman, Bakr Bin Sadiq
Exploratory Analysis of the Latin American Subpopulations from REGARD and RAINBOW: Two International, Randomized, Double-Blind, Phase 3 Studies of Ramucirumab as Monotherapy or in Combination with Paclitaxel for Previously Treated Advanced Gastric or Gastroesophageal Junction Adenocarcinoma
Gustavo Girotto, Lucas Vieira dos Santos, Fernando Meton Vieira, Guillermo Mendez, Yanzhi Hsu, Thiago Teixeira Chadid, Mauro Orlando
GIST: A Retrospective Analysis to Define Epidemiology, Clinical Presentation and Diagnostic Modality Used in the Management
Sunil Krishna, Kasturba Hospital, Raghunath Prabhu, Steffi Sharma MBBS, Tanvi Bagade MBBS
Neoadjuvant Carboplatin and Paclitaxel-based Chemoradiotherapy for Esophageal/Gastroesophageal Carcinoma: Results of a Modified CROSS Regimen Within a Multidisciplinary Upper Foregut Malignancy Program at an NCI-designated Cancer Center
Nabavizadeh N, Shukla R, Elliott DE, Vaccaro G, Dolan J, Maggiore R, Spight D, Schipper P, Bloker L, Hunter JG, Thomas CR Jr., Holland JM

Pancreatic Cancer
FOLFOX + Nab-paclitaxel (FOLFOX-A) for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: A Brown University Oncology Research Group Study
Howard Safran, Kalyan Mantripragada, Kimberly Perez, Kevin Charpentier, Thomas Miner, Thomas Dipetrillo, Benjamin Kuritzky, Kenneth D. Bishop, Emmanuel Apor, Kayla Rosati
nab-Paclitaxel (nab-P) Plus Gemcitabine (Gem) vs. Gem Alone for Resected Pancreatic Cancer (PC) in a Phase III Trial (APACT)
Margaret A. Tempero,1 Dana Cardin,2 Andrew Biankin,3 David Goldstein,4 Malcolm Moore,5 Eileen M. O’Reilly,6 Philip Philip,7 Hanno Riess,8 Teresa Macarulla,9 Lotus Yung,10 Xinyu Wei,10 Brian Lu10
Advanced Colon Cancer
Autophagy and Anti-Angiogenesis in Metastatic Colorectal Carcinoma: An Ongoing Multi-Institutional Phase 2 Trial of Hydroxychloroquine to Augment Effectiveness of Chemotherapy and Bevacizumab
Jalal Baig, Dirk Moore, PhD, Elizabeth A. Poplin, Biren S. Saraiya, Chunxia Chen, Shanti Prasad, Robert S. DiPaola, Janice M. Mehnert, and Rebecca A. Moss
Heuristic: Colitis by Colonoscopy
Fatma M Dihowm, MD, MS, Myat Soe, MD, Linda Green, MD, V. Prem Chandar, MD
The Consistency of Effect of Ziv-Aflibercept (Z) in the Bevacizumab (B) Pre-treated Subgroup of Patients (pts) in the VELOUR Trial Stratified by 1st Line Progression ≥9 Months (mos) vs < 9 mos
Paulo M. Hoff, Guy van Hazel, David Cunningham, Dirk Arnold, Hans Schmoll, Albert J. Ten Tije, Sarah Naoshy, Florence Joulain, Joe McKendrick, Raghu Vishwanath, Emmanuelle Dochy, Edith Mitchell
Evaluation of the Effect of Aflibercept (Z) on OS by Timing of 1st Line Disease Progression: A Post-hoc Analysis of the VELOUR Trial
Edith Mitchell, Guy van Hazel, David Cunningham, Dirk Arnold, Hans Schmoll, Albert J. ten Tije, Joe McKendrick, Florence Joulain, Michael Andria, Raghu Vishwanath, Paulo Hoff
Aflibercept/FOLFIRI vs Placebo/FOLFIRI in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: A Post-Hoc Analysis of Median Overall Survival in VELOUR From the Retrospectively Assessed Time of Starting First-Line Treatment
Josep Tabernero, Teresa Macarulla, Yves Humblet, Albert J. ten Tije, Hendrik Kroening, Cristina Gravalos, Solenn Le-Guennec, Emmanuelle Dochy, Eric Van Cutsem
Quality of life (QoL) on the aflibercept/FOLFIRI regimen: 4th interim analysis of the global Aflibercept Safety and Health-Related QoL Program
Julien Taieb, Roberto Bordonaro, Katia Bencardino, Libero Ciuffreda, Francesco Di Costanzo, Maria Di Bartolomeo, Anne L. Thomas, Hendrik Kröning, Pilar García Alfonso, Christophe Borg, Yan Moore, Sandrine Brette, Chiara Zilocchi, Florence Joulain, Sarah Naoshy, Pascale Garreau-Laporte, Emmanuelle Dochy, Gerard Lledo, and Alberto Sobrero
Aflibercept + FOLFIRI for treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer after oxaliplatin failure: 4th interim safety data from the global Aflibercept Safety and Quality-of-Life Program (ASQoP/AFEQT studies)
Luca Frassineti, Maria Di Bartolomeo, Volker Heinemann, Anne L. Thomas, Julien Taieb, Gerard Lledo, Yan Moore, Chiara Zilocchi, Sandrine Brette, Alberto Sobrero, and Roberto Bordonaro
Hot Topics in Gastrointestinal Oncology
Immunotherapy of GI Malignancies- Wishful Thinking?
Neil H. Segal MD, PhD
Localized Adjuvant CRC
Neoadjuvant chemoradiation in locally advanced carcinoma rectum
Behera Manoj, Julka P.K., Rath G.K, Dr. Manoj Kumar Behera
Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET)
Transition of a Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor from Ghrelinoma to Insulinoma: A Case Report
Aman Chauhan, Robert A Ramirez, Melissa Stevens, Eugene E Woltering
Adjuvant Intraoperative Post-Dissection Tumor Bed Chemotherapy - A Novel Approach in Treating Midgut Neuroendocrine Tumors
Yi-Zarn Wang, DDS, MD, Aman Chauhan, MD, Michael A. Hall, MD, MSc, J. Philip Boudreaux, MD, Eugene Woltering, MD, Lowell Anthony, MD
Hepatobiliary Cancer
Expression of Forkhead Box P3 Isoforms in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells
George G Chen, Jianwei Ren, Billy CS Leung, Rocky LK Ho, Ernest CW Chad, Paul BS Lai